Pavlov VR

Best described as CSGO for VR, Pavlov features very realistic features such as the reload system, the aim and the recoil. With a few changes to the Game.ini file you can be playing trouble in terrorist town or one of the many other community made game modes

High Clock speed CPU's

Pavlov Servers only use a single core and as such you need fast single core speed as such your Pavlov Server will only be hosted on one of our nodes with a minimum of a 3.6Ghz per core clock speed.

Fast Steam workshop download

We cache any requested steam workshop content so your server does not have to call out to steams servers when the map rotates and instead gets a local copy making server map rotations faster.*

*Pavlov Shack (quest version) does not download from steam and stores the files localy already

Some of the best DDos Protection around

Sadly DDoS attacks still happen and as such the datacenters we use all have the capacity to handle over 500Gbps sustained attack speeds, due to the way the protection system works you will not notice a thing if a server on the same node as you gets attacked.


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